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»New Books in German« features »Die Welt ist im Kopf«

New Books in German* selects »Die Welt ist im Kopf« as one of the fea­tured works of fic­tion in their Spring 2010 is­sue:
»This won­der­ful­ly sen­si­ti­ve and li­vely no­vel cen­tres on the phi­lo­so­pher Arthur Schopenhauer’s first jour­ney to Italy in 1819 at the age of thir­ty one, ha­ving just com­ple­ted his ma­gnum opus The World as Will and Representation. Both re­spect­ful and play­ful at the sa­me time, Poschenrieder makes the most of the ex­hil­ara­ting de­tail of the ce­le­bra­ted thinker’s li­fe. The author’s ad­mi­ra­ti­on for the phi­lo­so­pher shi­nes through on every pa­ge, and the no­vel will be un­ri­val­led in ope­ning the fa­sci­na­ting world of Schopenhauer’s thought to a ge­ne­ral au­di­ence, just as Daniel Kehlmann did for Humboldt in Measuring the World.«
* New Books in German is a twice ye­ar­ly jour­nal ai­med at bu­sy edi­tors in the UK, the USA, and in­crea­singly tho­se in other coun­tries, who would li­ke to pu­blish mo­re trans­la­ti­ons but would al­so appre­cia­te in­de­pen­dent help in fin­ding the right tit­les from among the thousands pu­blished each ye­ar in the German lan­guage: the Spring Issue is pu­blished in time for the London Book Fair, while the Autumn is­sue ap­pears at the time of the Frankfurt Book Fair.

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