Schreiben? Einfach. Nur die Buchstaben in die richtige Reihenfolge bringen.

The English sample translation is here!

The sam­ple trans­la­ti­on of about ele­ven pa­ges from »The Mirror Box« is avail­ab­le now on the New Books in German web­site (PDF do­cu­ment). It was do­ne by Donna Ochs, and I think it is very good in cap­tu­ring my wri­ting style. It is al­ways ex­ci­ting to see one’s own stuff in a for­eign tongue, even mo­re so when one doesn’t have the sligh­test un­der­stan­ding of that lan­guage. So I loo­ked at the Danish and Portuguese trans­la­ti­ons of »Die Welt ist im Kopf«, won­de­ring just how good they are and whe­ther I would be ab­le to re­co­gni­ze mys­elf if I could read the­se lan­guages…

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