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„New Books in German“ features „Die Welt ist im Kopf“

New Books in German* selects "Die Welt ist im Kopf" as one of the featured works of fiction in their Spring 2010 issue:
"This wonderfully sensitive and lively novel centres on the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer’s first journey to Italy in 1819 at the age of thirty one, having just completed his magnum opus The World as Will and Representation. Both respectful and playful at the same time, Poschenrieder makes the most of the exhilarating detail of the celebrated thinker’s life. The author’s admiration for the philosopher shines through on every page, and the novel will be unrivalled in opening the fascinating world of Schopenhauer’s thought to a general audience, just as Daniel Kehlmann did for Humboldt in Measuring the World."
* New Books in German is a twice yearly journal aimed at busy editors in the UK, the USA, and increasingly those in other countries, who would like to publish more translations but would also appreciate independent help in finding the right titles from among the thousands published each year in the German language: the Spring Issue is published in time for the London Book Fair, while the Autumn issue appears at the time of the Frankfurt Book Fair.

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